Kelly Bruce, licensed Esthetician has lived in Colorado since 1991 and received her BS degree in Marketing with a minor in Studio Art from the University of Denver.  Always having a passion for the skincare industry, Kelly graduated from Pickens Technical College and took advance classes through the International Academy of Elite Esthetics & Micropigmentation. 

 Kelly truly loves educating her clients about the benefits of a good skincare regime, easing a first time waxing client, and giving a flawless airbrush tan.  An enthusiastic esthetician, she takes pride in her work and strives to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.  On her downtime, Kelly enjoys shopping, baking & spending time with her little Chihuahua, Ruby.

Kelly provides the BEST Spray tan in Denver without a doubt!!! I have been seeing Kelly for my tanning for 2 years now and I will never look anywhere else. She always provides a consistent and sexy bronze glow to my pasty white skin. It looks natural, glamorous, and makes me feel 10lbs thinner! Kelly is extremely professional, kind, and always has a smile on her face. She is also very accommodating to her clients. I have had instances where I needed a tan before a trip but the salon she used to be at was closed so she made time and place to meet me and make sure I had my bronze glow before I left. Now that is customer service!!!! If you arent tanning with Kelly then you are missing out!!!!

-Ashleigh P, Denver

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, K.E.L.L.YYYYYYY

Step away from the microwave and up to the gun, airbrush that is, and feel the love (oh, and a bit of a chill) from Kelly for your much-needed spray tan!
I was a closet tanning bed(der) (is that a word?) until a friend of mine showed up and I was taken by how amazing she looked… “Did you go on vacation?” I asked?! “No, I went to see Kelly”.

I called the next day to try out this amazing little thing called spray tanning! I have to say, I was a bit taken back about what to do… Undies, no undies… I mean, come on, I KNOW Kelly does this for a living and has seen plenty of boys and girls parts, but the first time walking into the “tent” to get airbrushed, by someone I have never met, knowing my bits and pieces will be RIGHT THERE, well is a bit intimidating..

So I dropped my pants and stood in the buff! WHOA, what a chill!!! I went for the “2 layers” for my first time and was just FANATICAL about watching my tan grow to a glowing and smooth overlay during the next 24 hours. I went out with friends the next night and I even got the “your tan looks amazing” compliment!

Winter is coming people! For those of you, like me, who like to know we are taking care of our skin, book a time with Kelly and walk by that mirror at home and not scare yourself by thinking you saw a ghost.

-Natalie D, Denver, CO

Kelly was referred to me working in a salon and I totally see why! I am incredibly fair-skinned and she makes me look tan without being orange. I was really scared to try it out for the first time because let’s admit it, we’ve all seen girls that look more like Oompa Loompas than tan. No one wants to look like that! Well, I decided to try her out before a vacation a year back or so and it looked so natural people didn’t even realize I was tanned before I showed them my tan lines! My own mother thought I had just been in the sun a lot! Not even kidding! Since then, she has been my go-to girl for every vacation, my wedding, and I refer everyone I know to her. She is fast, always on time, and her prices cannot be beat! I love Kelly! She’s seriously the best there is in Denver!

-Corey W, Denver, CO

I just got the most incredible spray tan and wax services from the amazing Kelly Bruce…I couldn’t be happier with the skin is a flawless sun-kissed golden brown!!!! I’m ready to slip into my little black dress for my party on Saturday!!!

-Teresa T, Denver, CO

Kelly is a Must See!!

Not only is she easy to find with a parking lot in Cherry Creek, but I also found street parking just as easy. Her room is super cute and relaxing while getting all bronzed up or stripped bare of the hair down there!!! She is SUPER professional and makes you feel at ease with any treatment that she offers. I have seen her for waxing, tanning, and a Microderm, all of which were fabulous. I will ONLY see Kelly from here on out, she is the best!

Samantha R, Castle Rock, CO

So, I’m weird about my brows. And I’ve had a few hack jobs in my day that makes me want to wear baseball caps for a week. I want to give a shout out to Kelly Bruce. She is meticulous – obsesses over every hair and my brows are always beautifully shaped, and not all Bushy Old Man as is my God-given tendency. I also use her for other wax services and spray tanning for events/vacations. She takes the same care with the spray tans and the color is great. She’s also very reasonably priced.

 -Liz J, Denver, CO

I’ve been seeing Kelly for over three years now for waxing. She’s incredibly professional, efficient and skilled at what she does. She also has the incredible quality of being a genuinely kind person who truly cares about her clients. I would highly recommend Kelly’s services. She’s wonderful!

-Ashley G, Denver, CO

Best esthetician I have worked within forever! My brows are lovely because of Kelly!

-Yolanda M, Denver, CO

My appointment with Kelly was quick, and the best airbrush tan I have had ever !! It was around $30 and lasted over a week. She is a sweetheart, and I have literally referred to all of my friends. 

-Mary M, Denver, CO

For anyone who is skeptical about airbrush tanning, KELLY will do more than take care of you. She is very sweet and her tan looks amazing. I have been going to Kelly for over a year now and have always been satisfied with her work. I was a tanaholic in the tanning beds and she turned me on to her fabulous airbrush tan. Her tan looks great!

Not into tanning? No worries! Kelly also offers many other services. Some of the other services I am in love with include eyebrow waxing, eyebrow tinting, & microdermabrasion. My eyebrows have always looked on point and I receive many compliments on them. The micro is fantastic because it feels like you have a new set of skin!  I highly recommend Kelly!

-Eternal S, Denver, CO

Kelly is amazing! She is very comfortable to work with whether its hair removal, such as a Brazilian, or tanning. I have worked with Kelly for over 2 years. She is easy to get a hold of and schedule with. No doubt you won’t need to go anywhere else.

-Lizette S, Golden, CO

My husband, John, had a facial with Kelly (on September 27th) and has been boasting that it was the “best thing to happen to his skin in years”!? Not only was he relaxed but his skin was glowing! Thank you, Kelly!

-Molly L, Denver, CO

Kelly is the Bomb! I have been instructed to stay out of the sun but want to maintain my silky smooth tan; Kelly is quick yet precise on the coverage. I get compliments on my beautiful tan all the time without having to sacrifice my skin from aging or skin cancer! Call Kelly, she will squeeze you in if she has time so you can look amazing naked too (-; I’ve been going to Kelly for about a year 1/2 now and I have no desire to look for anyone else in Denver!

-Love T, Denver, CO

Kelly has been waxing my eyebrows for a few years. She does a FABULOUS job! I really enjoy her Microderm facials and have seen such an improvement in my skin. Thank you, Kelly, for my super soft skin!

-Samantha, Denver, CO

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